Company outline    Present of 2015




TSK No.3  4kW
Hot-air generator that was
manufactured in 1955.

  This was used in TOKYODO SEIKA CO., LTD from 1970 for the heating of chocolate. And, this was changed to TSK-15 in 2003.
 Name Kansai Electric Heat Corp.  Trademark

                  Sadayoshi Taketsuna
 Head office
4-18, Takaidanishi 5-chome, Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-8566, Japan
         TEL 81-6-6785-6001(Sales representative)
          Sales dept. FAX 81-6-6785-6002

          General affairs dept. FAX 81-6- 6784-0204
             Materials dept. FAX 81-6- 6785-6353
 Tokyo branch office
4-4, minamikamata 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035, Japan
         TEL 81-3-5710-2001(Sales  representative) 
         Sales dept. FAX 81-3-5710-2005
 Group Company

Overseas agency
                     13F, No.75, SEC 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsichih, Taipei, Taiwan, R
                TEL 886-2-8698-1111  FAX 886-2-8698-1000

#513, Mecajon EZEN APT Factory, Yangchon Industial Complex, Hakun-ri, Yangchon-Myeon,
                     Gimpo-si, Kyeonggi-do, Korea

                     TEL  82-31-983-5424    FAX 82-31-983-5447
                     HOMEPAGE  www.
   Mail-order business dept.    Internet business dept.

 Inauguration of an
Company Limited is established in 2-8, 1-chome Uchihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka , Japan. on March 1, 1949. (Osaka branch)
TAKETSUNA MANUFACTORY CO., LTD. is established after the real estate division was separated on February 28, 1993.
JPY 3,371,361  at Feb 2013
Sadayoshi Taketsuna. From Osaka. The fifth president
 Major users and Type
 of industry
More than  11,000 company
Each type of industry (Electrial appliances, Machine part, Casting article, Food, Packing, Chemical, Trading company, Environmental sanitation, Shipbuilding, School, Study room, Automobile, Atomic power, Power station) and Other relation types of industry
 Industrial ownerships
Registration of designs  66 items
Utility model and patent(Including patent-pending items in Japan & foreign countries) 62 items
 Main bank
Mitsui sumitomo bank  Fukaebashi branch, Risona bank  Fuseguchi branch, Mitsubisi Tokyo UFJ bank  Tanimachi branch and Osaka branch, Kinki osaka bank  Takaida branch, Taisyo bank  Takaida branch
 Settling day

The end of August

 Terms of payment
Closing the end of month and payment the end of next month  (Previous day when the payday is a holiday)  Mainly cash payment
 Method of  production

Individual factory production of Design, Sheet metal processing, Electricity equipments processing, and Assembling completion inspection. Own company part is 40% and Standards laying in stock part is 60%

 Producing Heater

Max. heater capacity 2000kW/H  -  Min. heater capacity 350W/H

 Production ability for
 a year
In heater capacity 340000kW/year (Production total for 1 year), Others (Parts sales of Piping parts, Filter, and Blower etc.)
 Sales method
Direct sales, Mail order shopping, Internet sales, and Trade division
 Description of
TSk Electric hot-air generator, Drying device, Ultra high temp. hot-air genearator, Heater for  industry, Heatproof electric blower, Mixing fan into the oven, Portable dryer, High-blow nozzle, Auto-temp controller, Piping parts, Piping parts for hot-air generator, Mold dryer, Deodorization device (Platinum catalytic oxidation method), TSK Heat exchanger , Filter, Exhaust gas processing device for the semiconductor, Machine appliance for the ship, Heating machine, and Those maintenance services

Hybrid drive vendor , Process integration built-in compact machine, CAD/CAM program system, NC Turret punch (with manipulator), Laser processing machine, M60 Oil pressure wrench (Max. 60), Twenty-four hours auto-heater wire processing machine, NC Press brake, Auto (Half auto)-welding machine, Shearing, Dynamic balancer, Lathe, Standing erect large drilling machine, Four vending auto-roll machine, Spot welding machine, Main engineering sheet metal machine 95 pcs., Crane, Resistance voltage test device, Resistance water pressure test device, Frequency transformation device, Main assembling machine 93 pcs., Drying oven, Electric oven, Baking electric oven, Hot-air molding oven, Exhaust gas processing experimental device, Radiation thermometer, Vibration test machine, Main inspection device 87pcs. and Equipment that receives electricity

 Foundation 1931 Sadao Taketsuna starts the production and sales of the physics and chemistry devices.
March 1, 1939 Store is changed to the limited responsibility company.

Production and sales of the electric oven, high voltage generator, and physics and chemistry devices in Kyoto city from the prewar days (1939 - 1950).

During the war (1941 - 1945), production and sales of the high frequency induction oven as the cooperation factory of the navy electricity industry organization.

Even the Osaka area is burned to the ground by the war in 1945. Production and sales of the bath heater of the necessities of life by utilizing the waste material.

The postwar (1946), production and sales of the first Hand-dryer in Japan.

Metal analysis association until 1945 - 1952 (Analysis room of the metallic material for the industry).


Limited responsibility company is established in Kyoto city on March 1, 1939. Production and sales of the electric oven, high voltage generator, and physics and chemistry devices.
Osaka factory is burnt down by the large air raid on May 9, 1945.
Production of the high frequency induction oven as the cooperation factory of the navy electricity industry meeting before August, 1945.
Production and sales of electricity Kotatsu and electric heat appliance, repair of the physics, medical, and chemistry machine, establishment of the metal analysis association, and sales of the metallic material for the industry under the goods control law in the postwar,

Production and sales of the electricity heater and hot-air device from 1949.
Start to the production and sales of the hot-air generator and blower from 1950. And, at present it reaches.

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Head office  (The 1st sales dept., Design dept., Factory, Materials dept., Maintenance center, Merchandise exhibit place, Laboratory)

4-18, Takaidanishi 5-chome, Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-8566, Japan 

   500m to the east from the 4th exit of the subway Chuo-Line Fukaebashi station

Compact machine

Compact machine


Vendor / Roll


Turret punch



Maintenance parts




Tokyo office   (The 2st sales dept.,  Maintenance center)

4-4, minamikamata 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035, Japan 

5 minutes on foot from the east exit of Keihin express line Keikyu-kamata station

Osaka office, General affairs dept., Library room

2-8, 1-chome Uchihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0026, Japan.

50m to the west from the 3th exit of the subway Tanimachi-Line Tanimachi 4-chome station