Catalog No.3  

 Final edition of Mold dryer that responded to the needs of the casting factory !!

 Electric hot-air mold dryer

  Necessities of the casting factory ! Preeminent effect is demonstrated to drying of the water base washing and core.  


Energy conservation auto-drying function is installed to all the types !
Continuation operation until the drying of the mold ends to hot-air operation
 from blower operation is controlled by the timer.

鋳型乾燥機 Xシリーズ 写真


Working method of mold drying
(Compulsion pushing out drying)




 Controller of air volume, pressure, and time that hangs to the mold is equipped standard. 



Model X-3MS X-4MS X-5MS X-5FD
Power supply 50/60Hz 3-phase 200V ± 10%
Heater capacity (200V) 30kW 45kW 60kW
Max. air volume 20.1m3/min 30.1m3/min 30m3/min
Max. static pressure 3.75kPa 4.30kPa 7.35kPa
Auto-temp. control rang Normal - +350゚C  High efficient digital temp. controller
Air volume control method Transformation type of 50 - 100% by the volume of inverter Damper
Standard equipments

・ Inlet filter, Downward 90゚ elbow, Flange for the hose

 ・ Multi-branching head
 ・ 90゚ elbow
 ・ φ100 TS hose (4 pce.)
 ・ φ100 Molding side flange (4 pcs.)
 ・ φ100 High-torque band (8 pcs.)

・ Adjustment of the hot-air outlet
・ Moving flange



This product corresponds even each voltage.
Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.

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