Catalog No.4  


Final edition of Electric hot-air generator !!

T.S.K Electric hot-air generator

This is the hot-air generator that the heater, controller, and heatproof electric blower
 were unified and the continuation unattended operation is possible on 365th.

TSK熱風発生機 C型シリーズ 集合写真

  Continuation usable max. hot-air temp. 350゚C
Inverter for the gas capacity adjustment
                                  is installed.
(Saving energy !)


Heatproof blower for the hot-air circulation is installed to
                                  all types. (Saving energy !)

(Hot-air circulation temp. 
                           TSK-18:140゚C, TSK-23 - 102:230゚C, TSK- 121:170゚C)


Service terminal for the input and output are equipped to all types.

Various kinds safety device are built.
    (Thermocouple that has high reliability is adopted to the various kinds safety device.)

Correspondence to the remote controller, change direction, and different voltage


Standard specification list

TSK熱風発生機C型シリーズ 一覧写真
TSK-23               TSK-52             TSK-56


Type Power supply
Heater capacity Continuation usable max. temp. Motor capacity Max. air volume
Max. static pressure
TSK-18 3200-2C-008Y 3-phase 200V ±10% 2kW 350゚C 80W 3.5 0.95
3200-3.5C-008Y 3.5kW
3200-5C-008Y 5kW
TSK-23 3200-3C-013YA-LB 3kW 130W 5.7 1.1
3200-5C-013YA-LB 5kW
TSK-33 3200-7.5C-013YA-LB 7.5kW
TSK-42 3200-8C-025Y-LB 8kW 250W 8.1 1.34
TSK-52 3200-10C-025Y-LB 10kW
TSK-52HT 3200-17C-025Y-LB-HT 17kW 500゚C 250W 7.3 1.34
TSK-56 3200-9C-04Y-LB 9kW 350゚C 400W 15.5 1.50
3200-12.5C-04Y-LB 12.5kW
TSK-62 3200-15C-075Y-LB 15kW 750W 15 2.18
TSK-72 3200-20C-075Y-LB 20kW
TSK-82 3200-30C-1.5Y-LB 30kW 1.5kW 27.6 2.60
TSK-92 3200-35C-2.2Y-LB 35kW 2.2kW 39.5 4.0
TSK-102 3200-45C-2.2Y-LB 45kW
TSK-122 3200-60C-3.7Y-LB 60kW 3.7kW 51 5.1
3200-80C-3.7Y-LB 80kW
TSK-132 3200-60C-5.5Y-LB 60kW 5.5kW 62 6.0
3200-80C-5.5Y-LB 80kW


Main option


Remote controller



 Simultaneous operation is possible by the remote  controller that was
    established in the place where parted from the hot-air generator.




 This is attached directly on the side of the inlet of the hot-air
    generator. And, the oil that exerts bad influence to the hot-air
    generator is removed.

External sensor



  Temp. of the place that parted (oven etc.) can be  controlled.

This product corresponds even each voltage.
Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.

Customer who is produced the controller with the self, Customer who is established the controller to the place where parted
To Without controller type

Customer who is required higher pressure, Customer who is established the nozzle to the top of the hot-air generator,
To High-pressure type

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