Catalog No.4-2  

Final edition of the electric hot-air generator!!

T.S.K High pressure hot-air generator (H-type series)

High pressure blower was installed to the conventional hot-air generator. Hot-air of the high temp. and high
speed is discharged in the case that nozzle etc. was concomitantly used.
(Rapid heating, rapid removing water and drying)
And, this is suited to the use in the case that the high pressure is necessary on the side of the discharge.


TSK熱風発生機 H型シリーズ 集合写真

  Continuation usable max. hot-air temp. 350゚C
High pressure blower (Vortex blower) is installed to all types.


Service terminal for the input and output are equipped to all types.

Various kinds safety device are built.
                (Thermocouple that has high reliability is adopted to the various kinds safety device.)

The noise of about 5dB has able to be reduced.
(TSK-21H4 - 52H7)

Inverter can be installed by the option. Please inquire separately.
  Installation of the small, light, and high pressure blower  

Example of the rapid removing water and drying

  High pressure hot-air generator for clean air  

渦流ブロワ 写真

Small and light blower that can obtain the high pressure by the original method of the wing leans to the side the front is installed. And, low noise and low vibration were materialized.  


Drop of water can be scattered and drying instantaneously by concomitantly using with the high-blow nozzle. Water mark (fur and brown spot) does not remain.  

クリーンエア用 HEPAフィルタBOX 写真

It becomes the hot-air generating resource for the clean room by attaching the heatproof HEPA filter to the discharge side of the high pressure hot-air generator.  



Standard specification list

TSK熱風発生機Hシリーズ 写真
TSK-22H4                              TSK-53H7                              TSK-72H9                   



Power supply
Heater capacity Continuation U\usable max.temp. Moter capacity
Max. gas capacity
Max. static pressure
TSK-22H4 3200-3C-X4-L 3-phase 200V/200V・220V 3kW 350゚C 0.55/0.85 1.9/2.2 10.1/13.8
3200-5C-X4-L 5kW
TSK-32H5 3200-7.5C-X5-L 7.5kW 1.3/1.9 2.9/3.3 15.0/17.3
TSK-52H6 3200-10C-X6-L 10kW 2.3/3.4 4.1/4.9 19.8/24.1
TSK-53H7 3200-12C-X7-L 12kW 3.3/5.0 5.4/6.1 17.5/22.9
TSK-62H8 3200-15C-X8-L 15kW 5.0/7.0 8.0/9.3 23.8/26.5
TSK-72H9 3200-20C-X9-L 20kW 7.0/11.0 10.1/12.1 24.8/25.1
TSK-82H11 3200-30C-11Y-L 30kW 11 19.5 24.0

This product corresponds even each voltage.
Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.

Customer who is hoped the hot-air generator with the controller,
To C-type with controller

Customer who is produced the controller with the self, Customer who is established the controller to the place where parted
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