Catalog No.4-3  

Final edition of the electric hot-air generator!!

T.S.K Middle pressure hot-air generator

This is Energy conservation type because the hot-air that was exhausted can circulate
 by the middle pressure blower that corresponding to hot-air circulation was installed.
This is used the hot-air circulation type water removing system and Temp. distribution improvement
of the drying oven by combining with TSK-PN nozzle that was launched simultaneously.

TSK-PN nozzle
丂丂丂丂丂丂丂丂This is the high efficient compact nozzle that is manufactured by
                            the pushing out of aluminum.

Continuation usable max. hot-air temp. 350逤
Inverter for the air volume control is installed. (Energy conservation)

Middle pressure heatproof blower of the hot-air circulation until 170逤
is installed. (Energy conservation)

Demi-filter is installed to the inlet (All type), and Demand function of the energy conservation is equipped (Only TSK-72P).

Various kinds safety device are built.
                (Thermocouple that has high reliability is adopted to the various kinds safety device.)

This machine can be correspond to the remote controller, direction change, and different voltage.

Combination example for the middle hot-air generator and TSK-PN nozzle.
丂丂丂Performance of each other is demonstrated to the maximum by combining the middle hot-air generator
         and TSK-PN nozzle.

Middle pressure hot-air generator Standard specification list

MODEL TSK-24P                                                                      MODEL TSK-72P              

Model TSK-24P TSK-56P TSK-72P
Type 3200-3C-04PY-LB 3200-5C-04PY-LB 3200-7.5C-04PY-LB 3200-9C-1.5PY-LB 3200-12.5C-1.5PY-LB 3200-15C-2.2PY-LB 3200-20C-2.2PY-LB
Power supply 3-phase 200V丂亇 10%
Heater capacity 3kW 5kW 7.5kW 9kW 12.5kW 15kW 20kW
Max. hot-air temp. 350逤
Bore of outlet inlet 冇75 冇125 冇125
Max. air volume 4.5m3乛min 16.5m3乛min 20.3m3乛min
Max. static pressure 3.4kPa 5.9kPa 6.5kPa
Suction temp. 0逤 - + 170逤
Air volume control Inverter installation 50% - 100% transformation type for the up-dowa key
Motor capacity 400W 1.5kW 2.2kW
Model of  Demi-filter DF-22S DF-55S DF-81S


TSK-PN nozzle Standard specification list

Measure accuracy of the camber that is manufactured by the pushing out of aluminum is high and is simple inside rectification structure. So, this is very low the pressure loss and high sir speed is gotten. And, hot-air of 200 is supplied.

This can attach the piping parts with the flange is entered to Option parts catalog by changing the inlet to the flange type.

Model 50PN 65PN 75PN
Form of the air inlet 冇50 冇65 冇75
Production slit length (10mm units) 100mm - 1000mm 300mm - 1500mm 500mm - 2000mm
Slit width (Fixation) 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm


This product corresponds even each voltage.
Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.

Customer who is produced the controller with the self, Customer who is established the controller to the place where parted
To Without controller type

Customer who is required higher pressure, Customer who is established the nozzle to the top of the hot-air generator,
To High-pressure type

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