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Final edition of electric hot-air generator !!

High pressure hot-air generator


 ◆ This is the electric hot-air generator that high pressure multistage blower of the hot-air circulation type was
 ◆ Hot-air circulation system can be adopted to the rapid removing water drying line by the nozzle.
      And, the heat exchanger of the our company can be attached.


Installation of
High efficiency multistage blower

Energy of about 80% is cut in comparison with the conventional high pressure blower !!

・ Continuation use max. hot-air temp. 350゚C.
・ Discharge pressure is more than 12kPa.
・ Installation of the inverter for the air volume
     adjustment. (Energy conservation !)
・ Hot-air of 165C can circulate all type.
    (Energy conservation !)
・ Demi-filter is equipped standard to all type.
    Service terminal of input and output is equipped to
    all type.
・ Various kinds safety device are built.
     (High reliability thermocouple is adopted to the various kinds
       safety device)
      Remote control, heat exchanger, and abnormal voltage can be


Standard specification list

            KD-56H3                                                                KD-82H3

Model Type Power supply
Heater capacity Continuation use max. temp. Motor
Max. air volume
Max. static pressure
KD-24H3 3200-3C-1.5HY-LB 3-phase 200V ±10% 3kW 350゚C 1.5kW 7.1 12.1 JPY   630,000
3200-5C-1.5HY-LB 5kW
3200-7.5C-1.5HY-LB 7.5kW
KD-56H3 3200-9C-2.2HY-LB 9kW 2.2kW 10.0 13.5 JPY  938,000
3200-12.5C-2.2HY-LB 12.5kW
KD-72H3 3200-15C-3.7HY-LB 15kW 3.7kW 18.0 13.5 JPY1,540,000
3200-20C-3.7HY-LB 20kW
KD-82H2 3200-20C-5.5HY-LB 20kW 5.5kW 27.8 13.2 JPY1,980,000
3200-30C-5.5HY-LB 30kW
KD-82H3 3200-20C-7.5HY-LB 20kW 7.5kW 28.5 18.4 JPY2,270,000
3200-30C-7.5HY-LB 30kW
KD-82H5 3200-30C-11HY-L 30kW 11kW 24.0 24.0 JPY2,580,000


Main option


Remote controller


 Hot-air generator can be operated simultaneously by the
   remote controller that was established in the place where
   parted from the hot-air generator.
  Resisting pressure HEPA-filter  

 Clean hot-air of the collection efficiency of more than
   99.97% at 3μm is discharged by attaching to the
   discharge side of the hot-air generator.

Heat exchanger


 Heat of more than 40% can be collected by attaching the
   heat exchanger at drying the organic solvent and plentiful

Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.


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