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Hot-air of 800゚C


A-sensor for detecting the hot-air temp.
B1, B2-sensor for detecting the overheat prevention temp.
C-sensor for detecting the inlet temp.

are built !!


Electric Heater for generating the high temp. hot-air

Continuation operation is possible on 365th.

Super heater


スーパーヒータ・温調ユニット・送風機ユニット 写真


スーパーヒータ 構造写真
               Super heater

送風機ユニット 構造写真
               Blower unit


Specification of Super heater

スーパーヒータ SHシリーズ 写真スーパーヒータ専用供給口アタッチメント 写真

Model SH41 SH51 SH61 SH71
Type 3200-3K-* 3200-4K-* 3200-6K-* 3200-8K-* 3200-10K-* 3200-12K-* 3200-15K-40A 3200-20K-40A

3-phase 200V 50/60HZ

Heater capacity 3kW 4kW 6kW 8kW 10kW 12kW 15kW 20kW
Max. hot-air temp. 700゚C 800゚C 800゚C 700゚C
Max. usable air volume 2.5m3/min 2.2m3/min 2.0m3/min 4.0m3/min
Min. usable air volume 0.20Nm3/min 0.27Nm3/min 0.32Nm3/min 0.42Nm3/min 0.55Nm3/min 0.65Nm3/min 1.00Nm3/min 1.37Nm3/min
Resisting pressure Air supply inlet 40A : 490kPa   FD38, FD50 : 30kPa 490kPa
Weight 4.7kg 5.4kg 6.8kg 16kg



Blower unit  FH-series

       送風機ユニット FHシリーズ 写真

Model FH30 FH40 FH50 FH60
Type 3200-30 3200-40 3200-50 3200-60
Power supply 3-phase 200V±10% 50/60Hz
Matching Super heater SH41 - SH71
Outlet bore 40A Socket  Rp1'1/2 50A Socket Rp 2'
Motor max. output 0.28/0.42kW 50/60Hz 0.55/0.85kW 50/60Hz 1.3/1.9kW 50/60Hz 2.3kW/3.4kW 50/60Hz
Max. air volume 1.3/1.3m3/min 50/60Hz 2.0/2.5m3/min 50/60Hz 2.9/3.5m3/min 50/60Hz 4.0/4.9m3/min 50/60Hz
Max. static pressure 9.3/12.4kPa  50/60Hz 10.4/14.0kPa 50/60Hz 14.6/17.4kPa 50/60Hz 19.8/24.5kPa 50/60Hz
Blower model VFZ301A VFZ401A VFZ501A VFZ601A
Noise 50/60dB 50/60Hz 64/67dB 50/60Hz 69/72dB 50/60Hz 68/72dB 50/60Hz
Filter model CR-12AF * 1 pc. CR-17AF * 1 pc. CR-12AF * 2 pcs.
Power cord (3m) 2PNCT 4-core * 1.25mm2 2PNCT 4-core * 2mmo2 2PNCT 4-core * 3.5mm2
Weight 25kg 33kg 46kg 68kg



Blower unit  TCU-series

温調ユニット TCUシリーズ 写真

Type 3200-3K 3200-4K 3200-6K 3200-8K 3200-10K 3200-12K 3200-15K 3200-20K
Voltage 3-phase 200V±10% 50/60Hz
Heater control capacity Less than 8kW Less than 12kW Less than 20kW
Max. load current 25A 35A 58A
Matching Super heater SH41 SH51 SH61 SH71
Function Temp. control of the outlet, Hot-start temp. control,  Overheat  function, Abnormal of the suction air temp., Outside input signal,  Each safety circuit
Heater cord (3m) 2PNCT 4-core * 3.5mm2 2PNCT 4-core *5.5mm2+3-core * 5.5mm2
Sensor cord (3m) 4-pairs  VX-G 0.3mm2 Compensating wire
Weight 14kg 19kg





Combination example


Order (High-temp. specification)


スーパーヒータ 組み合わせ例写真

スーパーヒータ高温仕様 写真

Super heater SH71(3200-20K-40) 
Adiabatic cover  DK71
Temp. control unit  TCU20K
Blower unit  FH50(3200-50)

Super heater SH71(3200-15K-40)  1000゚C  spec.


This product corresponds even each voltage.
Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.

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