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Low pressure loss, Highly efficient 
For generating the hot-airDuct heater


 For high temp. 50 - 350逤
  Continuation usable max. hot-air temp.  350逤
Hot-air circulation max. temp.  350逤
  Resisting pressure  About 4.9kPa
  Overheat prevention sensor (Machine type contact output) is built
  Correspondence to the large gas capacity and low pressure blower
  (Sirocco fan etc.)
Gas capacity abundant, Low noise

Unit heater

 For middle temp. 40 - 80逤
  Large gas capacity and pressure ventilation fan is
  Overheat prevention device is built
  With the direction guide of the hot-air

Duct heater specification list

  MODEL Power supply Heater capacity Heater circuit number Adaptation gas capacity at pressure loss 0.3kPa Price Heater wiring


5kW 1 7m3/min
  DH-2 5kW 1 17m3/min
  DH-2L 10kW 1 14m3/min
  DH-4 10kW 1 34m3/min
  DH-4L 15kW 1 28m3/min
  DH-8 20kW 2 (10kW * 2) 68m3/min
  DH-12 30kW 2 (15kW * 2) 102m3/min
  DH-18 45kW 3 (15kW * 3) 153m3/min
  DH-24 45kW 3 (15kW * 3) 204m3/min

Unit heater specification list

MODEL Power supply Heater capacity Blower output Max. gas capacity Discharge temp. 儮T Price
  UHPF-25 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz 5kW 25W 19/22m3/min 16/14逤
  UHPF-40 10kW 200W 55/59m3/min 8.5/8.1逤

Square-circle Taper duct

This can connect to piping of the blower side and Duct heater (Inlet and Outlet).
Taper duct is processed to the square and circle. Flow of the air is smooth. (High efficiency and low pressure loss)
Model L Measure
Flange of Inlet and Outlet Matching
 Duct heater
Size Thickness (mm)
TD1 230 Fairly JIS5K 80A 3.2 DH-1L
TD2 320 Fairly JIS5K 125A DH-2丒2L
TD4 410 Fairly JIS5K 200A 6.0 DH-4丒4L
TD8 600 Fairly JIS5K 250A DH-8
TD12 600 Fairly JIS5K 350A 9.0 DH-12
TD18 890 Fairly JIS5K 350A DH-18
TD24 890 Fairly JIS5K 400A DH-24


Material All stainless steel + Heatproof silver coating
With 1/8 socket for temp. detection sensor (Inlet and Outlet side)
Heat insulation is not executed.

[Order] Resisting pressure Duct heater specification list

  MODEL Power supply Heater capacity Heater circuit number Adaptation gas capacity at pressure loss 0.3kPa Resisting pressure


5kW 1 7m3/min 24.5kPa

Other specification conform to the
standard type Duct heater
  DH-2H 5kW 1 17m3/min
  DH-2LH 10kW 1 14m3/min
  DH-4H 10kW 1 34m3/min
  DH-4LH 15kW 1 28m3/min
  DH-8H 20kW 2 (10kW * 2) 68m3/min
  DH-12H 30kW 2 (15kW * 2) 102m3/min
  DH-18H 45kW 3 (15kW * 3) 153m3/min
  DH-24H 45kW 3 (15kW * 3) 204m3/min

This product corresponds even each voltage.
Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.

Please refer to TSK Hot-air generator B-type series about the matching auto-temp. controller.

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