Catalog No.11  

Continuation operation for 365 days  Electric Hot-air generator


    Installation of the operation panel that added durability, economic efficiency,
highly efficiency, highly reliability, safety, handiness, and new function !

Control panel

Control manual
マルチドライヤ 使いやすい操作パネル
Max. usable hot-air temp.
is 300゚C.
マルチドライヤ パネルに操作手順をプリント

Gas capacity control Solid filter
マルチドライヤ スライドシャッタ式風量調節
Slide shutter method
マルチドライヤ全機種 堅牢なフィルタを標準装備
Standard equipment to all types



HAS−11      HAS−21       HAS−35          HAS−35F         HAS−42  


HAS-11 HAS-21 HAS-35 HAS-35F HAS-42
Power supply 50/60Hz Single-phase 100V Single-phase 200V / 200V, 220V 3-phase 300V / 200V, 220V
Heater capacity 1.4kW 2.8kW 3.7kW 8kW
Hot-air temp.
adjustment range
Normal - 300゚C
Bore of hot-air outlet φ50 φ50 φ65 φ75
Capacity of motor 12W 21W 60W 130W
Max. air volume
1.0/1.2m3/min 1.2/1.5m3/min 2.2/2.6m3/min 1.7/2.1m3/min 4.3/5.0m3/min
Max. static pressure
130/200Pa 200/290Pa 580/860Pa 700/970Pa
Suction gas temp. Normal temp.
Air volume
 control method
Slide shutter (Damper)
Inlet filter Standard equipment


 Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.

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