Catalog No.12  


Continuation operation for 365 days is possible !

Electric hot-air generator for the industry 

Portable dryer  PD-12



Installation of Auto-cooling operation
    function !!

 Auto-cooling operation corresponding to the inside temp. is conducted
    when operation was stopped.


Control panel was renewed

 Digital temp. display and digital gas capacity output display  were
    materialized  and the operability improved.

ポータブルドライヤ PD−12 写真

Max. discharge temp.  650゚C

Auto-cooling operation  function (New installation)
Digital temp. display
Digital gas capacity output display (%)
Industry first ! Equipment of the service terminal of the input and output
With the temp. alarm output function
Equipment of the inlet filter

Inclusion of the overheat prevention sensor and temp. fuse


 ポータブルドライヤ PD−12 付属品一覧写真


ポータブルドライヤ PD−12 取付方法

This is attached to every angle by using the handle.
And, the auto-cooling operation function that corresponded to inside
temp. is equipped when operation was stopped. So, the operation is
stopped automatically after cooling operation was conducted
automatically just making the operation switch off in the case that
this is used downward.



  Model PD-12  
Type PD1230-2.5 PD1230-3.2
Power supply Single-phase 230V Single-phase 230V
Heater capacity 2500W 3200W
Auto-temp. control range Normal temp. - 650゚C     *Normal temp. - 450゚C in the case of that the angle of the outlet is downward 
Accessories PDF65 flange adapter, 4mm×70mm discharge nozzle
Max. air volume 450L/min
Max. static pressure 0.44kPa
Weight 2.6s



Specification may be changed without notice because the performance is improved.

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